Wednesday, December 8, 2010

seven cheese tortorlini with butternut squash sauce.

Butternut squash as a sauce? I guess this solidifies butter nut squash as a current flavor fad.

As a sauce t brings a bright sweetness to a overall savory flavor profile. I do wonder if the creamy luxurious mouth feel is coming from the squash or some amount of cream or other fat.

The bold taste of this sauce did over power the subtleties of the cheese in the tortellini.

Parmesan spinach dip on pie crust sample at costco.

Is pie crust meant to be used this way? Aside from a few applications like pot pie I do not think of pie crust as savory. This is my loss as it makes an amazing pastry cracker substitute. Granted the high levels of fat make it an unhealthy option.

In the sample CDS was placing one of my favorites on the pie crust. A Parmesan spinach dip. This dip is quite dense consisting mostly of Parmesan and not milky cream that lesser dips dill the void with.

Overall I think this unique paring was a success!